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Digital Nomadism – what it is and why it is going to peak in 2021

Updated: Apr 3

A break down on “Digital Nomad and Digital Nomadism”

The concepts of modern technology and related doctrines continue to emerge every ‘now and then’ and in a very robust aspect. The use of custom practices in the expansion of digital technology is a modern tradition that people are adopting to solve their daily activities. I want to make things interesting: Allow me to introduce the term digital and the term nomad.  Precisely defining the term ‘digital’ concerning modern technology, it means modern implication of technology starting from the internet, website development, smartphones, and various computing devices. Well, the term nomad is associated with several individuals who lack a permanent abode or rather a habitat and they move from place to place seeking greener pastures. When the term digital and nomad terms are used together, they form a powerful protocol called Digital nomadism.

I mean, before defining what digital nomadism is, let me enlighten you on who is a digital nomad. Digital nomads are a type of individuals who profoundly use the virtues of telecommunication advancements and technologies to income and expand their sources of revenue. The approach that they use is nomadic thus their name. the degree of nomadism is displayed in this manner; they can temporarily work in a foreign country meaning that will be temporal. A couple of places can also be the dwelling place of these digital nomads. A coffee Café or shop is one of those places where a digital nomad will execute his/her services. Other temporary places include public libraries and co-working places. To make this more fascinating, they can execute their task in recreational vehicles.

Re-introducing Digital Nomadism is of importance in this setting. This is the art of using digital infrastructures such as telecommunication amenities to achieve a certain goal in the modern world but being situated in different places like nomads. There is no specific location or site for your digital-oriented task executions. Some of the computing devices used in this art include smartphones which is a growing technology in the mobile technology world. Mobile hotspot is another approach that is key to digital nomadism.

Why would some be interested in this form of art? The answer to that is quite elaborate. You see, many people like exclusivity. In terms of independence and self-reliability, these are the attributes many digital nomads have. Discipline is also vital in this context. There are types of these online entrepreneurs. Some of them are young digital-minded individuals who possess digitalized mindsets and capabilities. Others include digitized but retired individuals and others may be semi-retired. Well, this approach is taking a significant path in the modern realm.  Well, I am assuming you have understood this important concept. Let’s get deep and see why it’s trending and why its adoption in 2021 will rise significantly.

Why will digital nomadism robustly peak in 2021?

Giving a precise growth of this realm is important. The adoption of this lifestyle and art of online entrepreneurship has been promoted by the accessibility of internet connection even in the deepest parts of the world such as rural areas. This has also been promoted by non-location-dependent jobs and digital careers such as online writers, graphic designers, digital marketing jobs, and many more. Some factors have also massively promoted digital nomadism. Political instability makes people work remotely in their homes, and foreign countries to cut the cost of life. This is how spectacular the realm is. Let’s get to the reason why 2021 will witness the rise of digital nomadism.

1. The unpredictable life characteristics.

Everybody knows the current crises in health across the globe. A pandemic can emerge any time of the day and nobody wants this to be a factor that can hinder the accomplishment of goals. An increasing number of professions in the modern world can be executed through the robust growth of digital supremacy making digital nomadism an art that will rise in 2021. Some of the expertise that is favored in this domain includes Information technology and related administration. You can work from any point of the world. Project management, virtual assistant, human resourcing, software engineering, and development are just a few examples that can adapt to this kind of sphere. The fact that life is unpredictable makes digital nomadism a trend that will thrive in 2021.

2. Working ethic flexibility.

Digital nomadism is the cuisine of flexibility. You can work in the comfort of your bed with all the computing artifacts you have. In 2021, a lot of people will prioritize a non-routine kind of job. By non-routine I mean, you don’t have to be physically in the job location for you to get paid. This art is a form of antidote where you can easily adjust your time schedule that suit your day plan. A 24/7 availability is also promoted by this finest form of task execution using digital algorithms. In 2021, people will need breaks that are not monitored or governed by an organization. Digital nomadism is at the forefront of achieving this form of flexibility to enhance a better and conducive yield of work.

3. Digital nomadism will be a mitigation of traditional work approaches.

Working remotely is all about digital nomadism. Meaning you can be touring across the globe and still fulfilling the best for your company. The traditional form of working approaches deems every worker or professional should be physically available. This notion ruins a lot of people more so those who like isolation to produce results on their own. Traditional work ethics make less evolved changes. Look at it this way; The internet is an infrastructure where billions interact and share ideas towards business success and so forth. 2021 will be a year where the modern evolution of business will be needed and the adoption of this digital nomadism will be the key goal in achieving global development and business progression.

4. Digital nomadism will serve as a managerial strategy in terms of expense and income.

From the word go, digital entrepreneurship has been deemed as one of the best sources of income management, Return of Investment (RoI) through leads to the business, prediction of business success, and so forth. It will be of merit even to hire a digital nomad to execute some of the functions in your business empire. For instance, hiring a digital nomad is seeking evolved expertise in the realm of digital marketing.  If you need quality-engineered digital content, you need a reputable digital nomad to make your dreams come true. This form of expertise and professionalism remedy will be vibrantly needed in 2021.

5. Digital nomadism will be the source of higher productivity solutions.

Digital nomadism can involve a team that gangs up together to work with the orientations of customers’ success. The need for financial success will encourage them to develop an artifact that will be high in terms of quality and results. I would like to give you examples of digital nomadism art. Cloud computing is one of the arts where professional nomads use various intellectualism to make customers happier than before. On-time delivery is the highest quality that will be needed in 2021 and the adoption will be significant

In 2021, expect new technologies geared through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Leveraging technologies in mobile technology will likely increase the adoption of digital nomadism. Technological scalability is witnessed massively and experts will be needed to show professionalism with digital artifacts. Availability of digital nomads is already promoted in 2021 and the future lies brighter than the past. Let’s not forget about the growth of connectivity such as 5th generation connection which will create a path in the excellence scheme of the digital office.


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