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The Troubling Evolution of Technological Singularity

Updated: Apr 5

The debate of vastness in the growth and scalability of technological advancements is key in the modern world. The digital era has massively enlarged over the past decade bringing out a new unstoppable evolution of a digital age full of merits. Well, too much of anything is often fatal and so they say. The progressions and the development of technological infrastructure can simply be described as a ‘Robust-rapid digital structure that will rule the world soon. The innovation of various standards and principles in the field of technology or rather computer science has attracted human-like artificial mechanisms already running various amenities in the world of humans. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, deep machine learning, neural networks, and data sciences have brought about a new evolution full of advantages but it can be risky to humankind.  

The troubling evolution of technological singularity is a topic of need due to the increased rate of technological growth. Well, to begin with, the art of the troubling evolution of technology despite the huge qualities of benefits starts with human codes and ethics. The increased development in technology has become too much for humans such that a likely imbalance will be faced in the new future. Understanding the concept of technological singularity is of significance and below is a precise description of the concept.

Understanding the Concept of Technological Singularity.

Technological singularity alias singularity can be explained as a theoretical opinion and argument based on the duration at which the advancements and developments of technology reach a point of “zero control”. The concept further scrutinizes hypothetically the nature of technology being irrevocable or rather irreversible resulting in violation of human doctrines and ethics of civilization in humans. It becomes a delicate concept when various scientists come together and outline a theory of singularity in technology. Breaking it down to the less tech-unaware individuals, the paradigm of singularity explains a theoretical and hypothetical view of the future where massive technology will dominate the world.

The latter will be noted through the presence of super-intelligent machinery and infrastructure beyond human intelligence. Still on the concept of tech-singularity across the world, intellectual computers and machines will be innovated and industrialized through the approach of self-directed computers. The concept is assumed to be troubling and affect the nature of humankind exponentially. Normally, the curve of human and computer intelligence is supposed to be incremental. Based on the above point, the stress and anxiety that will be caused by the evolution of technological singularity will have some negative impact.

Speculation of Troubling Technological Singularity.

According to various technological bodies such as NASA and IEEE, it is evident that technology is getting more profound in the field of artificial intelligence and so forth. Scalable is a simple word describing how rapidly the frameworks of technology are growing. Well, this article is yet to give you a limelight on the stress and anxiety caused by the view of tech-singularity. Precisely, the development of machine intellectual way beyond human reach will be established as from thirty years ago. The speculation is based on NASA's finest “NASA Lewis Research Center via NASA technical reports. It explained the innovation of technological superhuman intelligence which will wipe out the era or rather period of human existence after the implementation.

The big question remains to be if the process of such anonymous technological effect will be bearable in the speculated years. The question of avoiding this effect is still under discussion. Okay, the advancements of technology which will hold superhuman intelligence will be advantaged in certain ways but there will be dangerous consequences and effects as well. It is important to highlight some of the examples associated with technological singularity.

Advancements of Human Capability.

We have to understand that when reaching the height of huge technological advancements i.e. technological singularity, human input is needed to a higher degree. A combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence is made possible by the practices of man. Earlier on, the mention of the opinion of other superhuman intelligence technological infrastructure will be used to develop technological machines. All this will be made possible by the intellectual aspect of humankind on computers. The concept of data science and neural networks is a technological aid that humans will need. Machine super-intelligence will aid strongly the health sector and life will be easy. However, the effects may be tricky considering more delicate factors in the code of humans.

Stress and the troubling evolution of technological singularity

Technological singularity is an argumentative theory that continues to thrive in the minds of many tech-oriented mindsets. We have heard Elon mention his upcoming projects on numerous occasions too. There is a possibility of reaching this state due to various algorithms and principles that are emerging in the sector of Information Technology. Well, some people in various respected sectors also believe that technological singularity will never happen. As the author of the troubling evolution of technological singularity, the hypothetical point of view is real and it will have negative consequences for humankind.

Ever wondered what will happen when machines become more intellectual than human beings? If we don’t keep up with the rapidly growing innovations in technology, there will be a negative impact that will affect humans. Below are some of the troubling evolutions of technological singularity.

The Threat of Humans More than Tech-Machine.

The struggle of human supremacy is the most lethal weapon in the world. The development of superhuman intelligence machines is the concept of humans engineered codes and sets of procedures that bring about Artificial Intelligence alias AI. By default, these above comments make humans able to alter and control superhuman intelligence machines even better. One of the main negative effects of the evolution of technological singularity is that there will be increased manufacture of anti-human weapons and fatal weapons that can be used by terrorists or any other malicious parties. War will be a guaranteed occurrence that will be hard to control. We already observed the troubling events in the Nagorno-Karabakh war where drones were the ones who did the “heavy lifting”, which led to Azerbaijan’s historic victory.

Cybercrimes will double and bring a chaotic world. The ability to operate online machinery will be vast thus exposing a significant number of people to data insecurity and loss of privacy. The social media platform will be used as a channel of conflicts and treachery because technologies such as AI will have an emulative and programmatic doctrine that will expose the victims. As a threat to humans, fear among humans will be guaranteed. The survival approaches will be exhausted thus making everybody vulnerable. 


The Change of Civilizations in Human Kind.

A continent full of technological wizards and gurus will bring an evolution of a new generation that will have new morality codes. The advancements of technology are an example of a no-return situation meaning that the individuals of the particle age will have to bring about civilization changes. The later generation technologies and rules will be absolute and incomprehensible.  

In a more summative approach, the notion of technological singularity affects both positively and negatively. The context in this article is based on the troubling evolution of technological singularity which according to various points of view, this era will be chaotic. If at all singularity reaches the realm of possibility, then more negative consequences will affect the world compared to the positive effects. Singularity is argued to happen in the year 2045 and the super-human intellectual computers will be achieved in 2029. This is according to an engineer at Google i.e. world’s largest technological realm.

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