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5 Reasons Why Mental Clarity is So Important

Updated: Apr 8

Are you mentally clear about your life’s perspective? Do you often think of who you are or what you need in life? While we often set goals and standards of living in our minds from our early childhood. Whether it’s a pilot a doctor, or any other professional in this world, as children, we grow up setting our minds on that. Usually, dreams and aims help us work hard and achieve the goal we once set for ourselves but is that the same as what we think of it? Certainly not!

According to James Clear, “All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.”

We aim for goals fed to us from our early childhood, but understanding our needs and interests along the way and being mentally clear on what we need to do is also crucial. Without mental clarity, we often get puzzled about what we want and what we need to do in life.

It’s not just about the professional aspect, but the little things in life and relationship decisions also demand mental clarity. Besides, with a puzzled mind, you can never be content with the things you do in life – no matter how outstanding your achievements and decisions may be! Considering the importance of mental clarity, let’s go ahead and explore what the best professional personalities have to say about this and how you can achieve this mental clarity in life!

What is Mental Clarity?

Usually, not having a clear mind serves as a short-term benefit. It’s because we don’t worry about what may go wrong about the things we aren’t clear about. So stress and worries regarding those decisions or plans of life don’t cross our minds very often. It’s like jumping to a conclusion from the beginning without feeling or letting the process affect you throughout. 

Yet, you can’t get along with this mindset for long. A foggy mind may make you stress-free in the present, but it will keep you worried about not being able to predict where you’re heading in life with your decisions. In the end, being clear about what you do and why you do these things is crucial. With the focus that comes with mental clarity, it’s easier to accomplish your goals and do what you enjoy or want to achieve in life – rather than making all the sudden and unwanted decisions. 

But is that all to the definition of mental clarity? Absolutely not! For anyone unfamiliar, mental clarity is all about having a clear vision and thought of what you need. While it’s easier to talk ourselves out of things and various situations, we often get frustrated when we focus on these things. 

Hence, when we talk about the need for mental clarity, it’s about focusing on having a clear mindset of everything you do in life. From the big to the small decision, having mental clarity helps you stay away from clouded and puzzling thoughts in everything you do. As a result, you don’t end up with what-ifs or overwhelming situations that may make you question your decision afterward. 

Importance of Mental Clarity – 4 Benefits:

1.     It Offers Focus and Keeps You Directed Towards Your Goals:

We often feel lost in life, especially when it comes to making specific decisions in life. Aiming for one goal or dream from childhood may seem like the best plan one can have, but when you can’t achieve it or feel less interested in it, the same aims and dreams make you feel directionless in life.

For example: imagine you have always been told that you need to become a doctor in the future. However, growing up, you explore more professionals and ways of earning well in life. Eventually, you fall in love with cooking, but you are still studying to become a doctor. This puzzled desire and not having a clear mindset on what you want in life may cause you to lose focus.

On the other hand, when you have clarity of what you want in life, you can be clear about your desire and the direction you want to choose. With a clear direction, it’s easier to focus on one thing and excel in it, whether it’s a profession or a relationship. There is a small trick to finding out what you really enjoy. A thing called “hedonic calendar” might be helpful. Look it up and test it on yourself.

2.     You Can Prioritize and Do Things In Time:

With mental clarity on what you want and why you want things, you can be sure what you should manage. In addition, a clear mindset helps you differentiate between what’s more important and what’s secondary, allowing you to do things faster and better. 

Whereas, if we talk about an unclear mind, it only makes you juggle between more than one task or decision. As a result, you aren’t able to do well in a single thing and often tend to mess up all the decisions or tasks you are managing at a time. Hence, knowing why you need to do things and what is more important is crucial to getting things done instead of keeping them delayed. Now that’s a lifesaver tip we all need when handling professional projects or personal decisions, right? When you can prioritize the tasks you have on hold, it can be a lot easier to organize your to-do list and complete it in the desired time. 

3.     You Can Clear The Doubts:

According to Naval Ravikant, “A clear mind, leads to better judgment, leads to better outcome.”

Having doubts is easy and common. Whether it’s about doubting if you made the right decision of choosing a vanilla ice cream instead of a caramel one or the doubt of letting go of holding on to the people you love – we are doubtful in life. However, when this doubt persists and holds you back from taking the next step confidently, you keep making the wrong decisions, or you’re never subtle about the decisions you make. 

Yet, to be able to make the right decisions and live your life rightly, it’s important to clear the doubts and be certain about the steps you take in life. With a clear mindset, you can achieve that certainty easily. This mental clarity helps you understand your needs and helps you see and understand yourself without any filters or confusion.

As a result, what others think of you or want you to do is more a matter of concern or a cause of doubt for you. It’s more like being confident of who you are and what you want to continue being with the help of a clear mindset.

4.     You Are Pleased and Content With Yourself:

With all the doubts, confusions, cluttered decisions, and un-prioritized thoughts you have in life due to an unclear mindset, you tend to give space to self-doubt and guilt. This feeling keeps you from appreciating your life and feeling good about what you do or choose to do in life. As a result, you overlook the little things that may be a huge reason to make you feel blessed and content about what you have in life. 

In contrast, mental clarity is the solution to this ungrateful and guilty life you may live. With clarity, you can focus on the little things and the reasons behind what goes on in your life with every decision you make or task you perform. Eventually, it leads to better awareness of the positive aspects of every little thing and bigger changes in your life. 

Do You lack Mental Clarity? The Process of Evaluation and Adoption of Mental Clarity:

“Train your conscious mind to think thoughts of success, happiness, health, prosperity, and to weed out fear and worry. Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and make sure the thoughts you habitually think are based upon what you want to see happen in your life.” – John Kehoe.

Understanding our mental state and opting for a possible solution for it in time can be difficult. Most of the time, we think that a bad or puzzling situation is only caused by random frustration until it grows into a cause of foggy and unclear mindset. Hence, it’s crucial to understand why you have a puzzling mindset and how you can clear your thoughts and needs better. 

As James Clear says, “When you fall in love with the process rather than the product, you don’t have to wait to permit yourself to be happy. You can be satisfied anytime your system is running.” ― (An Exert from his Book: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones) – one of my favorite all-time “life-changing” reads.

Hence, it’s time to understand and love the process by being mentally clear about its beginning and progress. For this, you need to start by asking yourself these questions related to the lack of mental clarity in your life:

  • Are you usually questioning your reasons behind doing things and taking action?

  • Do you often need other’s advice to justify your actions or make a decision?

  • Do you end up saying yes to things to avoid confusion and the thought process that may go behind it?

  • Are you usually overwhelmed with multiple ideas that may keep you fascinated, but you can’t choose where you can start and what you can do first?

  • Do you often start work or creative tasks but end up losing the dedication and ability to finish them?

If these questions sound familiar to you, then it’s time you practice mental clarity before you end up falling into more puzzled and complicated life decisions. 

Here are five ways you can practice mental clarity, no matter how puzzled or confused you are in every decision of your life:

  1. Create a solid routine that supports healthy habits like journaling, meditation, and working out. Make sure you practice this routine in the morning to start and healthily continue your day. Do not forget about nutrition!

  2. Don’t just live today, but focus on your future too. Having a clear vision of what result you will lead to with every task or action you take, and then working hard on achieving that future result. Don’t make blind decisions without knowing where they will take you. But sometimes just do them with a leap of faith, and you will know when to do it.

  3. Understand the most important things in life and what distracts you from achieving/following them. Don’t invest your time and energy in things you don’t want or need to do. Instead, know your priorities, finalize the top three priorities by listing all of them, and then focus on them one by one. 

  4. Be clear about your everyday plan instead of the thing that you will go with the flow. Sure, sometimes it is good to go with the flow, but it doesn’t always help achieve your goals and a positive outcome. Hence, it’s important to plan your day the night before (including your major and most important tasks) and then start with these tasks as the first and most important tasks after you wake up the next morning.

  5. It’s time to take action rather than just thinking about taking action. Of course, one should clearly think about what they need to do and why they need to do it. However, thinking too much can limit your energy to work on it. Hence, even when you’re overthinking, don’t procrastinate. Just make the decision and get started with working on it – it’s now or never!

After all, these actions won’t only save us time and energy; they also help us grow individually and personally. As James Clear says, “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.” ― ( A Quote from Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones).


Being mentally clear isn’t easy, but it’s certainly important to lead a healthy, sorted, and successful life. 

So don’t wait for a miracle to knock on your doorstep sort your life with clear thoughts and vision, and create a sorted present and future for yourself.

“Let go of the past and create a new future.” — Joe Dispenza.


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